Comic Transcript

A blank panel.

Orev wanders past, whistling a tune, looking absent-mindedly off into the distance.

He wanders most of the way beyond the panel boundary.

Then he pulls back, staring straight out towards the fourth wall, his body tilted slightly and his hand gripping the exterior of the panel frame.

He sticks his fingers in his ears and makes a face at the camera, eyes crossed, tongue sticking out.

He strolls across in a Vaudevillian fashion, wearing a boater hat, waving his arms, carrying a dancing cane. There is a spotlight on him.

Next we see him sticking his head through one of those walls with a headless figure painted on it, like you'd see on a boardwalk. His wall has a strongman on it, flexing his muscles.

Orev then moves on to juggling three kittens. We see something coming in from the side of the panel.

Uriel steps into the panel. Orev twists his head at him, startled, one kitten still visibly mid-air, and the others nowhere to be seen.

Zoom in on Uriel and Orev. A kitten has landed on each of their heads, playing with their hair.

Sound FX: pat pat

Uriel: Stop taunting the audience.

Orev grins.

We see a blank panel, and then...

Cut to a shot of a spinning ceiling fan. There is a kitten peeking its head out cautiously from on top of one of the fan blades.

Kitten: mew?