Comic Transcript

Exterior shot, close perspective: a large medieval tower, with a black bird flying towards it in the distance.

Cut to interior. We see a woman in period clothing - a simple dress, a headband, some sort of headpiece behind that. She is holding hands with Orev and gently touching his face. They appear very close. Orev is wearing a Shakespeare-esque collar and a lightly-colored tunic with black sleeved shirt underneath. A window is visible in the corner.

Woman: Oh, Orev my love, it is good to be in your arms once more. But I fear it may be our last.

Zoom on her.

Woman: The executioner comes for me within the hour. But you knew that already. You always know.

Woman: Have you come to grant me one last kiss?

Cut to side shot, her eyes closed in grief, Orev's hand on her shoulder.

Orev: No, my dear Lady Jane...

Orev: I've come to set you free.

Zoom on Orev's outreached hand, palm up, flat.

Orev: Just take my hand...

Orev: And fly away.

Cut back to wide-angle exterior shot, tower in the background, two ravens cavorting in the air and heading away from the tower.

Orev (voiceover): Naturally they faked the execution...

Orev (voiceover): But to this day they keep ravens at the tower in memory of the one who got away.

Cut to a modern-day scene. Uriel and Orev are sitting at a restaurant table. Uriel is wearing a plain white dress shirt. Orev is decked out in black dress shirt with french cuffs and black cufflinks, white waistcoat, and a white necktie. In front of him is a small tray of maki with ginger and soy sauce on the side. A martini sits next to it.

Uriel: Oh come on!

Orev: It's true!

Orev is waggling a pair of chopsticks at Uriel.

Uriel: Look, are you going to tell me what actually happened at the Tower of London, or are you just going to continue making up grandiose tales?

Cut to a near-identical scene as the first shot with Lady Jane, only now we see a man in a simple tunic with a very smart goatee and mustache in place of Jane. They are still in the tower, and they still appear very close.

Orev (voiceover): So there I was with Sir Walter Raleigh...

Uriel (voiceover): Oh for pete's sake.